Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ask a Ninja

Niftiness. Swift, quick and invisible to the normal eye, almost like a very fast moving catus with spikes. That is what a ninja is like. *Snort*

Save your questions mate, because the ever dissapearing ninja is here to do an extensive media release! Oh yes, but you see, he's always so busy with contracts and stuff, so he decides that he will make his answers in videos for the audience to see! *Ziiiiiiiiiip--*

Uh huh, questions, any burning Qs you have, he answers them all... *Fwoom!*

Crack your innards with side splitting laughter, as Mr. Ninja replies in his videos.

I've included an episode of 'Ask a Ninja' for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!! *Ha!*


"...So here's a couple decision making tip:
1) Always bet on black. And by black, I mean yourself.
2) Follow the advice of my grandmother, who said "Stab first". I don't know the second part because I stabbed her..."

...and when all else fails, you just do a little 'Eenie meeni".

"Eenie meenie minie dead,
Catch the ninja by the head,
if he hollers
kick him back,
then remove his still-beating-heart-and-watch-him-die-slow-and-painfully."


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