Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Horror Video Games

Fatal Frame (Home made vid by somebody else)
The Final - Dir En Grey
Category: Japanese, Video Game

I've always loved Fatal Frame II after my friend introduced it to me about a year ago, even though I never got the chance to play it myself. Of course, FF1 is the original, but I still like the story of twins strangling each other in a ritual to appease gods with a crimson butterfly better than the original. Hence the name of the sequel Akaichou, and my infatuation with Tsukiko Amano. She remains to be one of my absolute favourite artistes with her strong vocals, and creative music.

She became famous for singing both Fatal Frame (2 and 3) ending songs, and I've been on her heels eversince, listening to her songs, but like many other FF fans around, they concluded that Chou and Koe are her best pieces. I like both very much, but I felt Koe could be better.

Chou - Tsukiko Amano
Category: Japanese, PV

One thing I don't quite like about her vids are that they are always predictable. She would stand in the middle and be in agony, while the camera watches silently, and the band plays like nothing is wrong. That fault lies with the director.


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