Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Korean Goodness

Previously part of Kpop group H.O.T, JTL was one of the groups that got my attention way back with their song - Run away

Here's an older song of theirs, I'm not too sure of the name, and I'm too lazy to read the Korean that's there.

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Next up, talented boy band Dong Bang Shin Gi always me ready to tear out my heart for them. It doesn't hurt that they look so handsome too. I just love Hero and Xiah.

DBSK - Stay With Me Tonight
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SM Town, which is the company that produces talents like DBSK, Shinhwa, BoA, Dana, H.O.T and etc, frequently do a 'let's sing together, so we build bonds and we're happy' kinda song, and it serves as a reminder who is still in the company while giving the company good exposure and good PR.

This song, is one of those which I like: (Hero is the first one that appears)

SM Town - Hotmail
Category: Korean, MV

Though I must confess that I want to beat up BoA for that extra cuteness and hearts and tossing of heads in that video, but hey, that's personal. Xiah wears a blue shirt thrown over a white one underneath and green in another clothe change. Or you can watch out for the shining smile that he gives at the end.


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