Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Morning Musume Hello

I generally don't like Morning Musume when they sing with their bright PVs, prancing around in candy coloured clothes. I do like Japanese variety show, however. Hello Morning had prepared a New Year special program to celebrate the festive season, and the girls are in charge of sprucing up the show. Guest stars Gottchan and Aya return from their solo careers to celebrate with the girls too, in this fun and hilarious show. Full length show, about an hour worth of goodies.

Hello Morning 2004.01.03
Category: Japanese, variety, Full Ep

In shows like these, it is difficult for me NOT to look for a favourite girl, and mine happens to be Yossie. She has a very unique voice and the right level of maturity to carry herself well. In the special play, somewhere in the second quarter of the show, Yossie acts as a father with dignity and pride, disallowing his wife, (I don't know who) to stop begging money to feed their two kids. There's a joke at that part which cracked me up. :D

Here, Yossie imitates Aya's Love, Namida Iro which roughly translates into 'Love, the Color of tears'. >.>

I don't like Aya at all, but Yossie's version is funny. She suddenly smiles very sweetly, so I took a screen shot of it:

Yossie imitating Aya


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