Thursday, March 09, 2006

Movies Galore

I've always enjoyed surfing the net for cool stuff to poke about, and official movie sites always provide some form of entertainment.

This time, I've gone into Sony Pictures site, and they have a collection of movies on their pages, so it saves looking for other Sony movies on the net.

Silent Hill got my attention, but it is not related to the Silent Hill game for PS2.

A mother, Rose, (played by Radha Mitchell) fights for her little girl's life who taken by a serious illness. Despite her husband's protests, Rose decides to flee with her child. On their trip to see the faith healer however, her daughter Sharon runs out of the car and dissappears into the fog. She quickly follows after what she thinks is her silhouette into the mysterious town of Silent Hill, where the inhabitants have died in a strange fire years ago. Joined later by local police officer Cybil, she soon realises that her daughter is merely a pawn in a game larger than she can ever imagine.

Directed by Christophe Gans, the movie is set to open in theaters in April 21st.

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