Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Murloc RPG

Yes, I'm slow. Murloc RPG, is an excellent Role Playing flash type game made by an author named un-mediocre. He has a website, and his game in particular received more than 500k views on Newgrounds. Quality similar to those found in GBA games, this one is not to be missed. Pity that this is only part 1 of it, but at the end if you can discover a hidden land, the spoils are totally worth the few hours of your life. *Snicker*

This is also a must-play for MMORPG freaks like me, because the skills are totally MMORPGish. You get talent points when you level, and can select your own skills or spells to learn, which adds a layer of flexibility of how you want to carve your character build; be magical or totally physical, there some are passive skills as well. They are totally up to each individual whichever you learn.

Mine, I chose healing and critical hits column. God knows that the crits are totally worth it compared to the wussy dark damagy spells or melee physical spells. The thing about your character is that you have tons of HP, so it's really great, you don't die too much if you train, in fact, I died once.. >.> Anyway, back on track.

You get sent on quests that help you gain items and get better stats. The best thing is that for pathetic people like me who always lack money and everything else in MMORPGs, items are not really needed when you can begin to fight to get weaps and eq for youself during battles. Selling is at 0% loss regardless of item usage, which is why I couldn't believe my eyes when I actually started to get rich. Of course, this will be the same to everyone else, but who cares. :P

Together with smooth character movements and commercial quality audio, this makes 5 out of 5 stars on my score, if you pardon the high memory usage in your comp. Have a peek at my character at the end:


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