Monday, March 06, 2006

Music Vids

Random Music Vids that may be good to listen, while net surfing. Make full use of Google's shiny video service, I say.

Here's Boa's new single - Make a secret
Added Aug 2005

Category: PV, Korean

If you're addicted to Hinoi already, here's another vid of their other song:

Category: PV, Japanese, Candy

Coated in sugarness and candy, it's a super happy song for kids. It's a typical HINOI song again, dance and para para type, filled with girly cuteness and added tinge of reality with that guy in the middle. *snicker* This song wouldn't be on my songlist ever, it's too happy. But as long as it isn't Morning Musume, it's better. :P

Very famous pair of korean girls on a variety show, it appears that celebrities are invited on the show and these girls will do a spoof version, which is hysterical and kinda retarded in a good way, because they don't care what they look like to be funny. I love their spirit and energy.

Category: Korean, Variety, Humour

More can be viewed on YouTube.

I have no idea who this woman is, but I'm including it because of its whiteness. What a weakness. >.> The music isn't quite as appealing, a little teaspoon of egyptness and add a typical dancing japanese and shake well. Serve white.

Hitomi Shimatani - Shanty
Category: PV, Japanese

Aiee!! This is sheer cuteness! Ahhhhhhhh kitty numa numa! XD
Skip all the above and watch this!

Category: Spoof, Japanese

There's even katakana lyrics to sing along! Woot~

And my all time favourite, Magna Carta Soundtrack. This is the Op song, Rain. Another must watch.

Category: Video Game


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