Monday, March 06, 2006

Random Vid

Alright, I am unable to get the vid in here, so here's a link instead. Para Para madness set in the egypt era with a plump guy rapping his lungs out and stopping for an occasional snack, while his concubines dance.

Night of fire.

It appears to be a google vid, but I can't locate it. Hence my unable to share it with you people here. Heh.



I'm just stubborn eh?

Oh wait, I found it! Haha! gave the wrong title. Apparently 'of' and 'on' makes a big deal of difference.


Night of Fire - HINOI Team feat. Korikki

And look, here's the Para Para version, incase you want to dance too.. >.>

Even Takuya Kimura and Mickey endorses the song!! O_o


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