Thursday, March 09, 2006

Urban Dictionary.

People make up stuff as the world evolves. I'm sure you'll hear parents all over the world saying things like 'I can't keep up with the youngsters and their language.' Heck, even I say that to my sis, and I'm what, 18? Language is defined by what sounds 'nice' and what sounds 'cool'. Words like 'Gyuh' or 'Meh' and even the popular 133t t4lk didn't come from God. Therefore, it is always handy to carry a guidebook around to keep track of what new words or phrases are being created each day.

Urban dictionary, like it claims, is a slang dictionary. What better answers to weird phrases than the creators of it themselves? The meanings are contributed by people on the web, so you can be sure it's pretty accurate. It contains nothing like the world has ever seen in a normal dictionary. For example, the M page has words that are like:

and I go ''what the hell are those, anyway?'' Which is why, it's good to go check the site out, see one word a day, and tell people proudly that "I'm not Lo!"
are you gay?
R u Lo?!?
No, i'm not gay!!
But of course, if you feel that it's not accurate, there is always the vote counter. More thumbs down signify that the definition is crap, whereas more thumbs up.. you get the idea.

Here's one interesting one:

C'mon Titty:

1. Shouted for good luck, or for no reason at all.
C'mon titty! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!
RatchetBoo Oct 27, 2003

2. Term originating in Cambridge, MA in the late 1990s due to a overhearing of a black teenager's inability to pronounce the word "commodity" in a high school classroom. Used by kids when mocking or exaggerating how urban blacks "C'mo titty!" or "C'mon titty!"
JWBBoston Aug 15, 2005


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