Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Web Comics

1. Secret of the Mana Theater

The Mana Theater has always been one of my favourite sites to go to pass the time, back since a few years ago. A spinoff from original the Secret of the Mana game, SOMT aims to bring the spirit of Mana back into our lives. SOMT, however, is not related to the actual plot of the game, so it's a fresh storyline altogether. A HQ 8-bit spin-off series, the webmaster does regular updates to the episodes, which lasts about 1 minute per ep. Specials are sometimes done to celebrate festivals and such which lets you understand more about how the characters of SOMT are like off screen, doing what us normal humans do, asking for more pay and going on strikes. Worth the visit, I must say.

2. Spider Cliff

Spidercliff, is an interactive comic series, featuring very a very unique cast of characters, Barlow, Crystal and the rest of them, town Sherrif, restaurant owner and her anti-demon son, a botanical researcher, and the list goes on... Crystal goes to SpiderCliff one day, but the only connecting bridge falls off and she is forced to remain on the mysterious place that hides its own secrets. One by one, she unravels the mysteries behind the place, and with the help of her enemy Barlow who dislikes her, she finds out the truths of the strange happenings that goes on, from zombies to a mysterious purple disease to floating paper mammals. And oh yeah, Crystal is a demon.

Episodes take about 5-10 minutes and clues can be gotten depending on which selections you choose the character to say. These can be collected as mammons and can be exchanged for real items! Spidery.


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