Thursday, April 13, 2006

American Idol Results Show April 12 2006

American Idol Results Show April 12 2006



Ace, Elliot and Bucky in Bottom 3

Bucky Covington Eliminated. Sorry girls. SweeTea is out.

Must sleep. I feel like I’ve been cursed by the Web-Gods or something.

Buck(e)y gets his So You’ve Had Bad Day moment:

Seriously, any Queen fans know that Kellie annihilated the Bohemian Rhapsody with her ‘rendition’. If she has that much money to pimp her 300 bucks hair every single week, I’d say she can be doing something else like get off the show and make the world happy as well.

Not only is she annoying, she got the attention of ‘Vote for the Worst’ site, and they are set on keeping her in week after week, so she can bring painful humour with the minx (“Ah don’t have an acccc-cent.” Come on, what gives?) holding her ‘snot rag’ to weep tears of joy at her other mates leaving instead of her.

Elliot does not deserve to be in the bottom three, and surprisingly, neither does Bucky or Paris. Kellie thinks she’s such a big shot, it’s overrated. I’m truly in pain, thinking of another week of her singing on stage, which should have been other deserving idols.

I did like the stage effects and lighting they did for Pickler (awesome actually), but her attitude blows me away. Perhaps I wouldn’t be this harsh on Pickler, but it’s truly frustrating. Uncanny as to how Simon can like a girl like Kellie so much, week after week. I truly want to bitch-slap her to death.


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