Thursday, June 01, 2006

ZUG the comedy site

This site which I found in a link from is such a classic treasure site to bookmark. Featuring pranks carried out by mainly by the producer of the site John Hargrave himself, and occasionally other guest entries, the site content makes a good read. Especially when you like to be involved in pranks but have no guts to actually carry them out. Followed by creative and humorous commentary, the site exploits some of the government rules and assumptions through their experiments.

Some examples include the Credit Card prank, where Hargrave noted that nobody cared really to verify the signature that is on the card compared to the one on the receipt. The experiment featured his various attempts in vain to sign as crazily as possible just to get the attention of someone.


Of course, that's not only what's great on the site, but there are tons of goodies to be found as well. Check out the hilarity of it all in one of the descriptions John wrote in his Ole Olestra Prank:

Until that night, when I took a trip to the bathroom to meet the baker. Friends, the creature that emerged from my insides was borne in the pits of Hell and reared in the suburbs of Detroit. This foul monster was so excruciatingly wet and smelly that my eyebrows singed, paint peeled from the walls, and the mirror steamed up. I quickly flushed the toilet, but the beast did not budge. Water began to fill up the basin, and I grabbed the plunger and beat the demon down the toilet. After much struggle and another full flush, the minion was defeated, sent back to the steaming caverns of Hades.

The oldest comedy site eversince 1997, other classic pranks include Michael Jackson and a Penis Enlargement prank. Hilarity at its highest, and best of it all it's all free (though some exclusive videos can be purchased at a small price). I give it a 5/5 on my list.


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