Saturday, July 01, 2006

Drugged Spidys.

Web spinning when high? Then lay off the crack!

These spiders belong to an experiment: To see what web they spin under the effect of drugs. They were fed with drug dosed flies.

Source: LIFE
Date: 22 March 1954


They built strange, significant cobwebs under influence of dope

Scientists have long found spider webs as serviceable as they are beautiful. Astronomers use web threads in their telescope sights and engineers use strands as crosshairs in range finding and transits . A young Swiss pharmacologist named Peter Witt now uses cobwebs as drug analyzers. He has discovered that if a spider is doped, it will spin a cockeyed cobweb. Different drugs apparently affect different parts of the animal's nervous system so that the abnormality of the web pattern will differ characteristically with the type of drug swallowed by the spider, as shown in the pictures on these pages. Dr. Witt uses these odd nets as a quick, sure way of identifying drugs, and says the spider method is far easier than the elaborate chemical analyses usually needed to differentiate between closely related drugs.

Spidy fed with LSD

Spidy on mescaline

Spidy on Harshish

Spidy on caffeine

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Glitter Pictures

Let's have a glitter image of something I like:


Version 2 ^___^;