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A great find, especially for people like me who loves a well designed site with good music when you're tired of your winamp picks. There are many things included at the site, despite it being a clothing line. With a smart flash type, it detects when the window is active and starts the animation, or else it will remain inactive. From there, you are greeted with a lovely view of a female and a vid clip of the girls having fun.

From Prom dresses to just plain casual going out pieces, BPNordstrom strives to make your experience in the site welcome. Focus is mainly on the videos that start immediately when you click on the icons. Smart move, considering that they realise moving visuals and audio attract more attention than plain text. Several mainstream R&B and jazzy modern pop music accompany you to browse the site in peace.

They cover a wide range of looks, accessories, shoes, events, uninterrupted music with a gigantic playlist, and even monthly horoscopes!

To digress a little, they tie up with iTunes, Yahoo, and many companies to bring music to your ears. Just to give you an example of their monthly playlist:

Annie Chewing Gum
The Presidents of the USA Some Postman
Franz Ferdinand Take Me Out
Rosie Thomas Pretty Dress
Andy y Lucas Son de Amores
Coldplay Talk
Ivy Let's Go to Bed
L.A. Symphony & DJ Rhettmatic Timeless
The Eels Last Stop: This Town
Juliette and the Licks You're Speaking My Language
Ky Tunstall Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
The Sun Lost at Home
Starsailor Poor Misguided Fool
Juannes Podemos Hacernos Dano
Joseph Arthur In the Sun
Ladytron Blue Jeans
K-os B-boy Stance
Our lady Peace Angels Losing Sleep
Arcade Fire Rebellion
Jamisonparker Your Song
Julieta Venegas Oleada
The Early November Something that Produces Results
Badly Drawn Boy Silent Sigh
The Films Black Shoes
Dizzee Rascal Dream
Midnight Movies Mirage
La Estacion El sol no regresa
The Bravery Unconditional
Chris Brown Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
Dandy Warhols All The Money Or The Simple
Life Honey
Anna Nalick In The Rough
Husky Rescue Summertime Cowboy
Clumsy Lovers Stand Up
Shelby The Golden Boy
Makers Matter Of Degrees
Cat Power Cross Bones Style
Interpol PDA
Kudai Sin Despertar
Curtis Peoples Hope It Seems
PJ Harvey Good Fortune
Jack Johnson Good People (Live)
Sun Rockstop
Fantastic Plastic Machine Dear Mr. Salesman
Von Bondies C'mon C'mon
Straylight Run Existentialism On Prom Night
Perishers Trouble Sleeping
Sam Roberts Hard Road
Natalia Lafourcade Te Quiero Dar
Roots Next Movement
Go! Team Ladyflash
James Blunt You're Beautiful
Mando Diao Down In The Past
Morcheeba Everybody Loves A Loser
Death Cab For Cutie Soul Meets Body
Fall Out Boy Dance, Dance
The Pussycat Dolls Stickwitu
Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten
The Magic Numbers Forever Lost
Ringside Tired Of Being Sorry
The Like What I Say And What I Mean
Kem Find Your Way (Back In
My Life)
Pretty Girls Make Graves This Is Our Emergency
Marcos Hernandez If You Were Mine
Feist Mushaboom
Miri Ben-Ari Featuring Styles P We Gonna Win
Howie Day She Says
BeBe Malo
The White Stripes The Denial Twist
The Subways Rock And Roll Queen
Bright Eyes Bowl Of Oranges
Floetry Featuring Common Supa Star
Shout Out Louds Shut Your Eyes
By Sahara Hotnights Hot Night Crash
Fiona Apple O' Sailor
33Hz Hot Flashes
The Greenhornes Pattern Skies
Karoll Marquez El Cajon
Laura Veirs Galaxies
Citizen Cope Son's Gonna Rise
Maria Taylor Song Beneath The Song
The Strokes Reptilia
Sia Breathe Me By Sia
Jamie Cullum Get Your Way
My Morning Jacket One Big Holiday
Imogen Heap Hide And Seek
O.A.R. Love And Memories
Relient Who I Am Hates Who I've Been
Barefoot Rain
Stellastarr Sweet Troubled Soul
Morcheeba Lighten Up
Athlete Half Light
The Magic Numbers Forever Lost
The DoubleThe Double Idiocy
Blackalicious Your Move
Laura Veirs Galaxies
Gorillaz DARE
Fiona Apple Parting Gift
Liquits Chido
Rihanna If It's Lovin' That You Want
Depeche Mode Precious

I'm so thrilled at their wonderful song selections, truly I am! *Mumbles insanely*


Not so surprisingly, they carry quizzes, and being a quiz lover I am, I went to check it out:

What style of fashion suits your personality?

What a spirited girly-girl you are! You are the essence of femininity and times gone by, and you revel in ruffles, skirts and, yes, dresses. Funny, flirty and flouncy are your codes of conduct. You love vintage finds, from minis paired with peasant blouses to gypsy-influenced skirts and Fifties-inspired sundresses. Cardigans, preferably with three-quarter-length sleeves, also suit your fancy.

I'm pretty amazed that they got the 'vintage, peasant blouses, gypsy influenced skirts and fifties-inspired sundress, cardigans' part right. I do love those types! My only gripe is that there isn't some types of pictures to accompany the quiz results., is a good at that point. Although they use a normal html website, they have lots of entertainment there too, with a lot of quizzes, and pictures galore. I found some of my favouritest pieces of clothing there that will make me squeal in delight and shock at the price tags. It doesn't help that my favourite pieces cost 731 bucks to thousands, either.

Ah hell, if only I were rich rich rich~

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This is a fun site, unlike many other ad ladden sites that throw in some quizzes to please advertisers with traffic.

Truely unique and fun, with a good, simple layout. I spent lots of time there. One of my old and favourite links as well. :)

Teh 'Tee' Frenzy

Get your Tee Tees today! Featuring many retro designs, one can go crazy just to pick one to wear a day!

Images courtesy of

Urban Dictionary.

People make up stuff as the world evolves. I'm sure you'll hear parents all over the world saying things like 'I can't keep up with the youngsters and their language.' Heck, even I say that to my sis, and I'm what, 18? Language is defined by what sounds 'nice' and what sounds 'cool'. Words like 'Gyuh' or 'Meh' and even the popular 133t t4lk didn't come from God. Therefore, it is always handy to carry a guidebook around to keep track of what new words or phrases are being created each day.

Urban dictionary, like it claims, is a slang dictionary. What better answers to weird phrases than the creators of it themselves? The meanings are contributed by people on the web, so you can be sure it's pretty accurate. It contains nothing like the world has ever seen in a normal dictionary. For example, the M page has words that are like:

and I go ''what the hell are those, anyway?'' Which is why, it's good to go check the site out, see one word a day, and tell people proudly that "I'm not Lo!"
are you gay?
R u Lo?!?
No, i'm not gay!!
But of course, if you feel that it's not accurate, there is always the vote counter. More thumbs down signify that the definition is crap, whereas more thumbs up.. you get the idea.

Here's one interesting one:

C'mon Titty:

1. Shouted for good luck, or for no reason at all.
C'mon titty! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!
RatchetBoo Oct 27, 2003

2. Term originating in Cambridge, MA in the late 1990s due to a overhearing of a black teenager's inability to pronounce the word "commodity" in a high school classroom. Used by kids when mocking or exaggerating how urban blacks "C'mo titty!" or "C'mon titty!"
JWBBoston Aug 15, 2005

Movies Galore

I've always enjoyed surfing the net for cool stuff to poke about, and official movie sites always provide some form of entertainment.

This time, I've gone into Sony Pictures site, and they have a collection of movies on their pages, so it saves looking for other Sony movies on the net.

Silent Hill got my attention, but it is not related to the Silent Hill game for PS2.

A mother, Rose, (played by Radha Mitchell) fights for her little girl's life who taken by a serious illness. Despite her husband's protests, Rose decides to flee with her child. On their trip to see the faith healer however, her daughter Sharon runs out of the car and dissappears into the fog. She quickly follows after what she thinks is her silhouette into the mysterious town of Silent Hill, where the inhabitants have died in a strange fire years ago. Joined later by local police officer Cybil, she soon realises that her daughter is merely a pawn in a game larger than she can ever imagine.

Directed by Christophe Gans, the movie is set to open in theaters in April 21st.

More reviews here:

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Web Comics

1. Secret of the Mana Theater

The Mana Theater has always been one of my favourite sites to go to pass the time, back since a few years ago. A spinoff from original the Secret of the Mana game, SOMT aims to bring the spirit of Mana back into our lives. SOMT, however, is not related to the actual plot of the game, so it's a fresh storyline altogether. A HQ 8-bit spin-off series, the webmaster does regular updates to the episodes, which lasts about 1 minute per ep. Specials are sometimes done to celebrate festivals and such which lets you understand more about how the characters of SOMT are like off screen, doing what us normal humans do, asking for more pay and going on strikes. Worth the visit, I must say.

2. Spider Cliff

Spidercliff, is an interactive comic series, featuring very a very unique cast of characters, Barlow, Crystal and the rest of them, town Sherrif, restaurant owner and her anti-demon son, a botanical researcher, and the list goes on... Crystal goes to SpiderCliff one day, but the only connecting bridge falls off and she is forced to remain on the mysterious place that hides its own secrets. One by one, she unravels the mysteries behind the place, and with the help of her enemy Barlow who dislikes her, she finds out the truths of the strange happenings that goes on, from zombies to a mysterious purple disease to floating paper mammals. And oh yeah, Crystal is a demon.

Episodes take about 5-10 minutes and clues can be gotten depending on which selections you choose the character to say. These can be collected as mammons and can be exchanged for real items! Spidery.

Morning Musume Hello

I generally don't like Morning Musume when they sing with their bright PVs, prancing around in candy coloured clothes. I do like Japanese variety show, however. Hello Morning had prepared a New Year special program to celebrate the festive season, and the girls are in charge of sprucing up the show. Guest stars Gottchan and Aya return from their solo careers to celebrate with the girls too, in this fun and hilarious show. Full length show, about an hour worth of goodies.

Hello Morning 2004.01.03
Category: Japanese, variety, Full Ep

In shows like these, it is difficult for me NOT to look for a favourite girl, and mine happens to be Yossie. She has a very unique voice and the right level of maturity to carry herself well. In the special play, somewhere in the second quarter of the show, Yossie acts as a father with dignity and pride, disallowing his wife, (I don't know who) to stop begging money to feed their two kids. There's a joke at that part which cracked me up. :D

Here, Yossie imitates Aya's Love, Namida Iro which roughly translates into 'Love, the Color of tears'. >.>

I don't like Aya at all, but Yossie's version is funny. She suddenly smiles very sweetly, so I took a screen shot of it:

Yossie imitating Aya

Hostel - The killing Floor

Sony Pictures presents a grisly and gory movie written and directed by Eli Roth,
Hostel A follow up to the 2002 hit movie Cabin Fever, Hostel dives into the depths of reality and horror of the ugly side of human nature, with themes like human trafficking, and sex tourism, leaving viewers in shock at what the world is really like.

Image courtesy of HorrorChannel Image courtesy of LivingCorpse

Set to be released internationally on the 21st of April, the movie has already received many reviews (1,2,3,4,5), with a few in agreement that Hostel is a movie that's not to be missed, especially for hardcore fans of this genre, but some beg to differ.

... Paxton (Hernandez) and Josh (Richardson) are college buddies backpacking through Europe in search of legal drugs, booze, loose women, and occasionally some sights. The film picks up in Amsterdam as the two are accompanied by Oli (Gudjonsson), an Icelandic drifter who may be the horniest of the three. The men get word of a dream hostel in Bratislava, Slovakia where beautiful women yearn for men – American men. The trio hightail it to Slovakia to find that the hostel does indeed live up to its reputation. Soon people begin to disappear and it becomes evident that something far more sinister is unfolding within the city – human trafficking in the form of a torture chamber for bored, wealthy businessmen who need a “rush.”

Of course, like all gaming fans, I was first attracted by the game, while being shit-scared that the man with the saw will get me, because I didn't have weapons.

From doodoo dot ru
Click to play the game.

MSN Reviews

" Cabin Fever director Eli Roth offers a finger-chopping, Achilles heel-slashing, blood-soaked, breast-filled variation on The Most Dangerous Game in this sophomore shocker that shifts the focus from goofy humor to squirmy splatter to nerve-shredding effect. To those familiar with the torture-happy films of Takashi Miike (who makes a humorous cameo as a satisfied customer) or the reprehensible horrors of the infamous Guinea Pig or All Night Long series of films, the sadistic concept that drives Hostel may be familiar and even somewhat passé by now. Casual filmgoers looking for a simple shock are in for quite a surprise, though, when they find out just how far Roth is willing to go in order to bring these Asian atrocities to the cozy, MPAA-policed confines of the American multiplex..."
Now, prior to this, I have already done some research of my own on Takashi Miike, and his films, especially Audition (1999), critics have unanimously agreed in a hushed whisper that the film scares the shit out of their living souls, the one and only that lives up to the name of Gore.

Horror Video Games

Fatal Frame (Home made vid by somebody else)
The Final - Dir En Grey
Category: Japanese, Video Game

I've always loved Fatal Frame II after my friend introduced it to me about a year ago, even though I never got the chance to play it myself. Of course, FF1 is the original, but I still like the story of twins strangling each other in a ritual to appease gods with a crimson butterfly better than the original. Hence the name of the sequel Akaichou, and my infatuation with Tsukiko Amano. She remains to be one of my absolute favourite artistes with her strong vocals, and creative music.

She became famous for singing both Fatal Frame (2 and 3) ending songs, and I've been on her heels eversince, listening to her songs, but like many other FF fans around, they concluded that Chou and Koe are her best pieces. I like both very much, but I felt Koe could be better.

Chou - Tsukiko Amano
Category: Japanese, PV

One thing I don't quite like about her vids are that they are always predictable. She would stand in the middle and be in agony, while the camera watches silently, and the band plays like nothing is wrong. That fault lies with the director.

More Korean Goodness

Previously part of Kpop group H.O.T, JTL was one of the groups that got my attention way back with their song - Run away

Here's an older song of theirs, I'm not too sure of the name, and I'm too lazy to read the Korean that's there.

Category: Korean, Performance

Next up, talented boy band Dong Bang Shin Gi always me ready to tear out my heart for them. It doesn't hurt that they look so handsome too. I just love Hero and Xiah.

DBSK - Stay With Me Tonight
Category: Korean, MV

SM Town, which is the company that produces talents like DBSK, Shinhwa, BoA, Dana, H.O.T and etc, frequently do a 'let's sing together, so we build bonds and we're happy' kinda song, and it serves as a reminder who is still in the company while giving the company good exposure and good PR.

This song, is one of those which I like: (Hero is the first one that appears)

SM Town - Hotmail
Category: Korean, MV

Though I must confess that I want to beat up BoA for that extra cuteness and hearts and tossing of heads in that video, but hey, that's personal. Xiah wears a blue shirt thrown over a white one underneath and green in another clothe change. Or you can watch out for the shining smile that he gives at the end.

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Korean Talent

This is the reason why I want to poke koreans to death. They just have such talent.
Here's a girl, with excellent vocals singing her version of Alicia Keys. Don' be fooled, it is her voice.


You just knew it don't you? :P

I'm back with Maeness.
Here's a tribute homemade video to Mae's Everglow.

I would say that their video is rather good. Well, discounting the tecnicalities and framing which leaves more to be desired, the concept is pretty good. They even set up their own band to sing and stuff with snow as backdrop. Worth a watch. :)

Music Vids

Random Music Vids that may be good to listen, while net surfing. Make full use of Google's shiny video service, I say.

Here's Boa's new single - Make a secret
Added Aug 2005

Category: PV, Korean

If you're addicted to Hinoi already, here's another vid of their other song:

Category: PV, Japanese, Candy

Coated in sugarness and candy, it's a super happy song for kids. It's a typical HINOI song again, dance and para para type, filled with girly cuteness and added tinge of reality with that guy in the middle. *snicker* This song wouldn't be on my songlist ever, it's too happy. But as long as it isn't Morning Musume, it's better. :P

Very famous pair of korean girls on a variety show, it appears that celebrities are invited on the show and these girls will do a spoof version, which is hysterical and kinda retarded in a good way, because they don't care what they look like to be funny. I love their spirit and energy.

Category: Korean, Variety, Humour

More can be viewed on YouTube.

I have no idea who this woman is, but I'm including it because of its whiteness. What a weakness. >.> The music isn't quite as appealing, a little teaspoon of egyptness and add a typical dancing japanese and shake well. Serve white.

Hitomi Shimatani - Shanty
Category: PV, Japanese

Aiee!! This is sheer cuteness! Ahhhhhhhh kitty numa numa! XD
Skip all the above and watch this!

Category: Spoof, Japanese

There's even katakana lyrics to sing along! Woot~

And my all time favourite, Magna Carta Soundtrack. This is the Op song, Rain. Another must watch.

Category: Video Game


Since we are on the topic of fast legs, here's a tribute to all DDRers. Damn, this guy is fast.
From Ebaum's world.

Random Vid

Alright, I am unable to get the vid in here, so here's a link instead. Para Para madness set in the egypt era with a plump guy rapping his lungs out and stopping for an occasional snack, while his concubines dance.

Night of fire.

It appears to be a google vid, but I can't locate it. Hence my unable to share it with you people here. Heh.



I'm just stubborn eh?

Oh wait, I found it! Haha! gave the wrong title. Apparently 'of' and 'on' makes a big deal of difference.


Night of Fire - HINOI Team feat. Korikki

And look, here's the Para Para version, incase you want to dance too.. >.>

Even Takuya Kimura and Mickey endorses the song!! O_o


You've probably heard of online encyclopedia, and there's a lot available. Uncyclopedia, however aims to bring quality-trash to a higher level than ever. Fresh, witty and filled with many surprises, provided you have the patience to dig, you'll be entertained for hours to no end.

Take nothing seriously there, but the moderators are serious about keeping the site away from plain, bad english. A certain level of wit is their requirements before you go and post like an idiot. See, the thing is that in wiki style sites, anything is editable. Mostly. You certainly don't want screaming idiots to delete your hard work. Hence the thick ABC guide to writing and contributing in uncyclopedia. For people who don't have a sense of humour for entertainment, there is even a 'How to be funny and not Stupid guide'.


Uncyclopedia:How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid(HTBFANJS): as its name implies, contains advice on how to be funny, and not just stupid.

I love the word of the day though. Today's happen to be:

Try to use it in conversation.
Knowledge is power.

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Talent Time

The reason why American Idol is such a hit is because nearly everyone thinks they can sing. Ah well. Maybe that's why the rejects are usually more entertaining than the actual ones who make it on the stage for the American audience.

Fret not, fellow rejects, here comes ksolo, a community that allows you to look for songs that you want to sing, and record it in top quality. For the sake of the Drama Queen's Loft, I gave it a go. Several gos actually, well. It takes a lot of trouble to get it recorded properly, if you know what I mean.

The KSolo site is only compatible with Internet Explorer 5.1 and above only, which kinda sucks, because it means I have to dig my IE up and try it. Of course, 'teh' good stuff doesn't come entirely for free. To try it out, you have to register, which takes a few minutes tops, and then you have to install a plugin to record. Loading time is quite a while and stuff, but once you get the song loaded, it's simple as 1,2,3 to do your own recording.

Since it is a community afterall, you are allowed to listen to other versions and either cringe or wallow in self-pity while you hit the rate button. For the above reasons, I stubborn refused to listen to other people's versions.

Croon away.



Ever have those times when you're just stumped, not knowing what to do next? Need someone to tell you how to live your life properly? Spoonfeed you knowledge so you can live like the rest of the humans on earth? Or do that to others? Then WikiHow is for you. *beams*

Featuring articles written wiki style -- which means anybody can edit your piece of work, junk or not -- from useful to wtf, ranging from teaching you how to change a flat tire to pretending to faint, everything's included in the handy booklet, baby.

Open it up, take a peek, because it'll change your life forever. Think about it. Oh, you need a 'How to' on that too? Too bad they don't have an entry on that yet, but you can always add one yourself.

Banana Tattooana

Ever seen a baddy banana who aspires to be a traid boss instead? Slick on hair gel, hold a sm-o-kin' cigar, wear dark suits with tattoos to intimidate fellow fruits!

No, the banana community isn't about to riot against eating them. Instead, there is the Banana art created by creative humans themselves in a feat to spruce up the plain ol bananas! Check out what I mean:

Isn't he just handsome? Our own Frankenstein, the 'Nana style.

Queen of Denial:

and this one never gets old...

Everybody is welcome to get creative and go bananas, just send in the pics to tattooedbanana @ and you will soon see your proud nana on display!