Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Everglow By Mae

The Everglow By Mae

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(Since how no sites ever label who each of them are, I shall do my own)
Great personality Zach, the oh-so-gushing-cuttie lead vocals Dave, Cutey smily Rob, Blonde dude Mark, and handsome Jacob

I don't think I need to explain how uber awesome Mae is. The 5 person Christian Indie Rock Band which stands for 'Multisensory Aesthetic Experience' made their debut in 2003 with their album Destination.

Of course, I would be that slow to not notice their presence til their next album 'Everglow' comes out, and they have a shiny sitey to clicky around with and listen to their music did I realise how good they sound.

Go check them out, if you haven't already. <3

I've included the flash banner, so ya can all listen to the goodness too. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Gemini Birthdays - The Horoscopes of this astrology sign

Gemini Birthdays - The Horoscopes of this astrology sign

This is rather accurate:

Gemini is the sign of communication and learning. Gemini people have a passion to communicate when ever they can and as often as possible. Whether talking, socializing or just going out as often they can ... Gemini's love communicating in anyway possible. The Gemini man or woman can usually talk up a storm and have a decent conversation while doing it. Gemini's usually love learning a little about everything whenever they can. They're never ending curiosity leads them to strange and unusually places. Known for their playfulness a Gemini is usually the kind of person that enjoys entertaining others and having fun. Most Gemini's think with the mind (logic and analytical mind) and not with their emotions or feelings. (No wonder. Explains why I'm so cold blooded at times.)

Gemini's usually like to investigate anything they can. They are also very adventurous but usually more out of curiosity and not necessarily the adventure part. Gemini's always love intellectual challenges. Gemini's enjoy variety having a variety of different friends, lifestyles and situations in their lives to keep their mind busy. Most Gemini's are very quick-witted and speedy people. They like doing things quickly because they tend to get bored easily. If a Gemini doesn't get things done quickly they'll just move on and do something else. Most Gemini's can also be very entertaining since they usually try to stay informed and try to learn whatever they can. They can also be very indecisive. (Duh, that's why I go 'Hmm, which should I pick' for 2 hours for a $10 watch.) Gemini's can come across as insensitive because they don't think with feeling or emotions.

Since I'm Pisces for Moon sign...

Pisces is the sign of deep imagination and compassion. The Pisces man and woman can be very emotional, caring and sensitive to the point that they can actually feel what others do. They have a good sense of how feelings work and will try to avoid hurting others. Pisces also have a very creative imagination that allows them to come up with all kinds of interesting ideas. Sometimes they just waste those ideas on day dreams or fantasies. (Atta Boy!) A Pisces compassion is so strong that they are willing to sacrifice themselves to help strangers. Pisces have a deep desire to understand themselves or others at the deepest level possible. That usually leads them to seek spiritual wisdom from where ever they can find any. They are usually always spiritual people. (I <3>

Pisces can be overly idealistic at times and they assume that others have good intentions even if they don't. But they still try to help others and try to socialize and connect with others. Pisces usually have very peaceful and caring personalities. Sometimes they'll come across as weak but they're just very receptive and willing to listen when others speak. At times they tend to find ways to show care and hope to those who think that no one really cares. They do their best to help those in need. Pisces can also become dependant, escapist and just decide to live in a dream world. They're usually shy. Sometimes naive to the insensitive ways of the world.

Holy cow, that does summarise me, together with Gemini.
Hmm, my something sign is Aries..

Aries is the sign of self-sufficiency. People born under the sign of Aries are usually very independent and like to do things their way. Aries are known to be very aggressive and determined individuals. Once they set their mind on something they pursue it until they conquer it, achieve it or have it. All Aries are very physical and energetic people. They usually love sports (watching or playing), physical activity and just using their physical body to do things. Aries people are extremely adventurous too. They go out of their way to explore new things and places. They enjoy being spontaneous. Almost all Aries have is a very strong passion to compete and they will find competition when ever they can.

An Aries loves to compete in even the slightest thing. When The Aries competes they want to win. An Aries can't stand "weak" or passive people. They expect others to be self confident. An Aries will fight if they don't get their way or if they are treated disrespectfully. They don't like being used or treated like second class citizens. They have a passion to stay in control of their lives at all times. They tend to be very impatient because they can't stand being bored or not active. Winning is extremely important to them (they never give up either). On the other hand the Aries can be temperamental at times. They have great passion and emotion when they do things. At times they can be very selfish sometimes.

Aahahahhaha. No hit.

Air elements:

Communicative, very social and talkative, changeable, adaptable, inquisitive, logical, adventurous, very active, fun, energetic, flirty, resourceful, witty, logical, socially connected, friendly, persuasive, fun-loving, analytical, and trendy.

Indecisive, superficial, gossipy, manipulating, socially dependent, nosy, careless, scattered, disorganized, careless, cold and detached from feelings.

All hits!