Thursday, June 01, 2006

ZUG the comedy site

This site which I found in a link from is such a classic treasure site to bookmark. Featuring pranks carried out by mainly by the producer of the site John Hargrave himself, and occasionally other guest entries, the site content makes a good read. Especially when you like to be involved in pranks but have no guts to actually carry them out. Followed by creative and humorous commentary, the site exploits some of the government rules and assumptions through their experiments.

Some examples include the Credit Card prank, where Hargrave noted that nobody cared really to verify the signature that is on the card compared to the one on the receipt. The experiment featured his various attempts in vain to sign as crazily as possible just to get the attention of someone.


Of course, that's not only what's great on the site, but there are tons of goodies to be found as well. Check out the hilarity of it all in one of the descriptions John wrote in his Ole Olestra Prank:

Until that night, when I took a trip to the bathroom to meet the baker. Friends, the creature that emerged from my insides was borne in the pits of Hell and reared in the suburbs of Detroit. This foul monster was so excruciatingly wet and smelly that my eyebrows singed, paint peeled from the walls, and the mirror steamed up. I quickly flushed the toilet, but the beast did not budge. Water began to fill up the basin, and I grabbed the plunger and beat the demon down the toilet. After much struggle and another full flush, the minion was defeated, sent back to the steaming caverns of Hades.

The oldest comedy site eversince 1997, other classic pranks include Michael Jackson and a Penis Enlargement prank. Hilarity at its highest, and best of it all it's all free (though some exclusive videos can be purchased at a small price). I give it a 5/5 on my list.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Creeping Alongside

Cute graphic, but wtf storyline?

Ever missed the last train home?

Here's the synopsis:

Unable to find a taxi in the West End, Kate (Franka Potente) heads for the Underground.
Slightly tipsy, she waits for the last train, but drifts off to sleep...

and awakens to find everyone else gone.

Gripped by panic, she attempts to leave the station, but realizes that she has been locked in. Then a train pulls into the platform and she boards, somewhat unnerved as she is the only passenger. Her relief at finally being on her journey home turns to alarm when halfway through the tunnel the train jerks to a halt and her carraige is plunged into darkness.

Kate is about to face the first of terrifying events that will shatter her nerves and chic composure - testing her endurance to the limit. She is not alone in the maze of nooks and dank crannies.

Lurking in the pitch-black maze is something.


Unimaginable is right. Especially the part of 'who the hell did the copy writing?' Intrigued by the cute lil graphic above, which does look nicely edited, I entered the site, which popped up a window, fine with me.

..... Minutes passed by, I thought the window hung. Loading took forever at the site, and getting just the synopsis took 5 minutes of agony. Not to mention that if you read through the writing, you'll find that Kate is a stupid woman who advocates everything that parents teach kids not to do. Namely drink alcohol, and sleep when you know it's the last freaking train, following stray dogs into dark shafts, making bad decisions, trusting the homeless, and not bringing brains out, even if it's for a glam party. Brains account for actions, you know?

Any blundering idiot knows that taxis operate throughout the night, trains don't. Why, oh why subject yourself to torture when it involves going all the way to the underground to wait for a train, when you can do the same thing (wait) at the main street and get a stupid cab? Gah well. Forgive me for my outburst, but I simply can't forgive such idiocacy. Especially when they mentioned a tipsy Kate. Hangovers don't cure themselves in short hours. Train staff don't lock up before making sure everyone's not left behind. Tipsy people don't suddenly get panic attacks. When the last train has already left, where on earth is ANOTHER train coming from? With that thought in mind, WHY board it without asking for a destination? Why do people who realized that they are locked in stay not near the gates but at the train waiting area instead? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm going crazy.

It doesn't help that it took 5 mins to give me such garbage. OK, assuming she's a blonde, that Kate that is, let's continue... *reads*

..... WHAT CHIC COMPOSURE?! From the start, Kate is a drunkard! A bum! A society outcast! She probably drooled a swimming pool while waiting for the last train to leave without her! Then she panicked! With exclaimation marks! What Chic Composure are we talking about? Are we even on the same planet?

And she is about to face a 'series of unfortunate events'. Like getting sucked to outer space by the plothole black-hole. Good grief. Not to jump into any wagon before knowing the entire story, but it sounds like an underdeveloped plot to me, eager to jump right into madness and heart of doom. It wastes no time in getting the viewers to know Kate (besides the drunkard bumtass) better to get sentimental when she gets bludgeons to death somewhere or something. I bet my own bum on this that this film will be a piece of craptastic horror alright.

... and oh wait, the site forgets to reveal to us that Kate dearest almost got raped in the meantime while being unresponsive to the world. Which makes me wonder how she escaped it. Must be an ugly blonde then.

With no cast photos or images convincing at all, viewers really give no damn as to whether Kate makes it through the night or not. In fact, we may watch with amusement at her stupid attempts to run into the shut gates over and over like a bug. Who's Kate?

"To borrow from Colin Firth in Love actually: It is mainly scary how bad the writing is."
Click for Full Review

Thank you, Boyd for articulating my sentiments exactly.

Just a slasher gore flick, with no plot whatsoever.

Oh, it's not too bad. Creep just needs a cast change, a director change, and lastly, a story change. :)

Survival of the Horror Games

It all started when I went to a friend's house to play Fatal Frame II Director's Cut...

As an avid gamer, it is really surprising I held off the PS and XBox craze for so long. But then again, curiousity always has to be fufiled, so I did some research and here's what I found, noted and want to play. I'll probably put up images sometime later.

Via GameSpot:

Indigo Prophecy (Available in XBox) - Psychological thriller, this game has one of the best plot and storyline ever, and it has high ratings, compared to Kuon and other action games. Beginning part depicts Lucas Kane (Protagonist) in the restroom of a restaurant, uncontrollably carving weird symbols on his arm. When spotted, he goes crazy, loses control and bludgeons the man to death. From then on, you control Lucas, and will be able to make decisions such as to take time to drag the body away, or clean yourself up, or make a break for it with NYPD's best sitting right outside. The outcome of your choices can affect the gameplay greatly, which makes a good replay value.

Fatal Frame III The Tormented (PS2) - You play as a freelance photographer Rei Kurosawa whose fiance died in a car accident. Your assistant happens to be Mika, the herione of the first series of FF, and along the way you get to play Rei, Miku and Kei, whose niece is Mio. The gameplay switches between the modern comfort of Rei's home and her dreams in which you are able to battle spirits and collect items to and fro from your trips home and to dreamland. Just as exciting as the Fatal Frame series.

Kuon (PS2) - Noted for its japanese oriental theme, and wonderful graphics, the gameplay however receives less credit. Controls are
challenging, and while characters spot a british accent (which may be strangely out of place, but nevertheless are carefully articulated), players are allowed to switch between english and japanese voiceovers. Blood is seen throughout the game, everywhere, though sometimes it is more of a clue to let you progress in the game when you find new blood trails. Short gameplay as well.

Clock Tower 3 (PS2) - Different from normal first person shooter horror action games, in this game you play as a young girl in the streets of London after a war. You need to help spirits and fufil tasks before fighting murderers and escaping this particular murderer after you. 5 chapters in total makes a rather short gameplay. CT 3 is the best of the 3 in the series.Strangely violent scenes qualify it for a M rating. Some of these include digging out eyeballs and hacking a child to death, while the character you play is a child. No HP bars, but panic bars instead.

Siren 2 - Unconventional gameplay, instead of upfront battles, it's a stealth-based game. The ability to sight-jack spirits allow you to see what they are seeing and escape some ghosts. You may have to escort people as well, so commands for them are basically 'Hide, Run and Stay'

Surprised Silent Hill and Resident Eeeeevil isn't inside? Gah well, maybe I don't like shooting games too much, but those are given, I'll definitely want to play those as well if given the chance. For now, I'm tracking Japanese horror games first. ;)